Laser Cutting

Ludwick Precision has the facilities to laser cut mild steel in thicknesses of up to 15 mm and clean cut stainless steel and aluminium up to 8mm thick. As well as sheet metal, laser cutting tube is now a market requirement, which has applications in all industries and we are able to deliver this service.

Laser cutting works by melting, burning or vapourising the material, while an assist gas is employed to clear the cut zone of the molten material or gas vapour. The process is very complex but essentially involves pre-piercing the material outside the area of the desired cut, moving the laser beam into the cutting area to apply heat and finally using an assist gas to remove the heated material and produce the cut. The type of assist gas employed is critical and is dependant on the material. Most commonly used gases are Oxygen (used predominantly for carbon steels), Nitrogen (used for non-ferrous steels & non-metals) and Argon (used for more exotic materials such as titanium).

Laser cutting tube eliminates all of the traditional marking out, sawing, drilling, de-burring and shaping operations carried out with conventional tube processing.  As a result, the traditional fixed costs of punches, clamps, tools and jigs are also eliminated. Ludwick Precision's laser machines are CNC controlled and programmed offline by 3D CAD/CAM software. With fully automatic loading of tube raw material, automatic processing and offload, our process offers a high level of productivity. With imaginative cut profile design, significant savings can also be made in secondary downstream operations, whereby tubes can easily be formed and slotted together.  Assembly operations are therefore more straightforward, eliminating the need for jigs and fixtures and reducing the requirement for welding.  The results are quicker, cheaper, stronger and higher quality tubular fabrications.

Ensuring that Ludwick Precision remains at the cutting edge of sheet metal fabrication in the UK, our business is continually investing in equipment.

Benefits of CNC laser cutting by Ludwick Precision:

  • Industry leading experience and knowledge
  • Latest machinery using continually updated software
  • Capacity to deliver both sheet metal and tube cutting 
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