Sheet Metal Forming

In today's high-performance environment, sheet metal forming machines are only as good as the high-tech software that drives them. Our programme of continuous improvement and investment means that our manufacturing capacity is able to meet the most demanding of manufacturing projects.

Benefits of metal forming and fabrication from Ludwick Precision:

  • 3D simulation to check forming compatibility prior to manufacture
  • Dedicated machinery and skilled operators, enabling almost any material to be manipulated to meet any requirement
  • Ability to fold a broad range of materials and sizes
  • Programming and screen assistance to ensure consistency and accuracy

Examples of Ludwick Precision's ongoing investment in machinery includes:

RADAN Radbend

Radbend from Radan is the comprehensive offline programming solution for press brakes. Completely integrated with Radan3D it also provides a full 3D simulation of the bending process. Offline programming Radbend enables full accurate 3D-model simulation of the bending process, including advanced features such as automatic bend sequence calculation, automatic tool selection and automatic finger stop placement, offering simple programming and high productivity.

The ability to programme and verify bending operations offline frees up valuable machine time and improves first-off reliability, reducing manufacturing costs. Radbend also eliminates mistakes with automatic detection of collisions with both tooling and the machine tool itself. Radbend is available to provide offline programming and simulation of a wide variety of press brake machinery. Radbend can create full shop floor documentation in print form or a file for viewing on a shop floor viewer and DNC system ensuring access to only controlled data from production office through to shop floor resulting in a ‘right first time’ manufacturing approach.


This is a top-of the-range machine with very high position and repetition accuracy and the only machine that doesn't produce angle errors. It offers an extensive database, which can be simply expanded with additional material characteristics and parameters.

Delivering the best performing repetition accuracy and first class bending results thanks to pressure reference technology with fully automatic, dynamic crowning. At the press of a single button, perfect bending results are achieved independent of operator knowledge.

Fully comprehensive CAD/CAM: there are only six mouse clicks between 3D data file and 3D part.

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