Welding and Linishing

Our welding engineers are highly qualified in the welding of all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including aluminium and speciality stainless steels with facilities for MIG welding, TIG Welding, Spot Welding and Stud Welding. They are consummate professionals when it comes to the intricate art of welding critical joints to precise tolerances, as well as other complex sheet metal assemblies and we work closely with customers to further develop the performance of Ludwick Precision’s welding operations.

Complementing Ludwick Precision’s welding expertise, our linishing service ensures that metal components are finished to the very highest standards. Fine grinding and sanding techniques enables Ludwick Precision to provide a superior quality metal product, as part of a complete metal manufacturing and engineering solution.

Benefits of using Ludwick Precision:

  • Comprehensive range of welding techniques. 
  • MIG,TIG,SPOT and STUD welding.
  • Highly qualified and experienced welding engineers using the latest welding equipment
  • Close cooperation with clients to deliver the most challenging metal manufacturing projects
  • Exceptional quality control to ensure metal products are manufactured to the highest standards within the optimum timeframe
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